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thoughts on this?

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just wanted some opinions on this scape so far. it's a work in progress.

also have seiryu stone but i havent seen people really add that stone with manzanita wood.

going for a dutch type scape with lots of plants of different sizes and colors kinda all splayed out.

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You'll have problems with a strict Dutch scape because of the branches. The reason is because the branches draw your eye along the wood while Dutch planting is in isolated rosettes. The branch will look like it's striking through the plant groupings.

What you have right now would suit a nature style far better than anything else. Rocks can be placed at the base to help form a solid base as long as they aren't so interesting that it draws too much attention to it.

The arrangement of the branches if very good, though the strange corkscrew bends of the upper branch look off. That can be hidden with a tall stem plant.
Heres a pic of the 75 ive started rescaping. You cant see all the stones, but I like the difference in the two. I wish I had either a smaller tank, or bigger hardscape, but once its planted I think it will fill the cracks.

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i love using rocks. I never planted dutch though. I think the wood/rocks is an awesome combination. I've always used a combination of both besides my iwagumi.
I think just leave it with the wood and add plants so it looks natural rather than dutch.
Good luck...
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