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Thoughts on my scape? Suggestions for improvement?

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So my current tank is a ~23g and for my scape I kind of just... honestly I just shoved plants randomly into the substrate. I've got vallisneria in the back, as well as a piece of lava rock with java moss tied to it, crypts for my midground as well as an anubias attached to a rock and kind of just sitting on the substrate and narrow leaf chain swords for my foreground. I bought two pots of anubias nana that I was planning on putting on my driftwood, but I'm not sure how exactly I want to attach it. Should I attach both to one? One to each? For my size tank what sort of general scape layout should I be looking for?
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I wouldn't let other people dictate how your tank 'should' look, rather i think you should just grow plants and then experiment with a layout later on. don't even worry about it until your plants start to grow out IMO. a lot of those plants will get a lot bigger and you will have to change it anyways. honestly you don't have much plant mass to work with so it will look pretty bare anyways

once your plants are growing nicely and you are not running into algae issues or anything like that do a rescape - you'll have a better idea on what to do then.

depending on the species of swords / crypts you have there they can get BIG so be prepared for that happening. based on that fact alone you might want to do driftwood in the middle with some anubias / moss, blyxa in the middle, chain sword in front, and then see about how you want to arrange the back. idk something like that... again, it's tough to tell until your plants are more established and your tank fills out more. at least for me
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