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thoughts NEW TANK

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im new to planted tanks and this is what i have so far
20 gallon high
T5 HO lights
Eco complete substrate

i would like to have more plants in there but since im new to this and just had to restart because i had some clado on that driftwood and rock. i think know im good to start i the plants look yellow maybe because they are lacking on fertz. i started looking on to adding fertz but i dont know where to start, how or what to by all i know is that EI dosing. i would like to plant more stuff in there but i dont know what would be good for this set up. any thoughs or ideas would help. thank you

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I have about the same setup on my 29 gal except for a canister filter and flourite for substrate. I use flourish weekly after water changes and excel daily. No macros yet but have considered it. My tank is moderate to heavily planted and grows like crazy.
Do your plants look nice ? You see how mine look yellow.
Yours don't look too bad in the pics. Don't worry I've melted quite of few plants myself. Give it some time, things should smooth out in a few months once the tank matures.
What can I dose the plants with?? How many hrs should I leave the lights on?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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