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Hey guys, i'm Jun from Malaysia, and i recently found out about aquascaping and am planning to start a tank of my own. After a month of so of research on the web i've gathered some knowledge as to what i need to prepare to start doing it, and here's my planned setup.

Dry Start Method - Low Tech Iwagumi Tank

Tank - ADA Cube Garden Mini M [36x22x26cm] 20.44 Litres / 5.4 Gallons
Filter - Aquaclear 20 HOB (Planning to use 1 foam and 2 biomax inserts)
Light - Chihiros A-361 [21W 63-LED] for 36cm tank
Substrate - ADA Amazonia Powder type [3L] + ADA Power Sand S [2L]
Hardscape - TBC. Am considering getting Ryuoh stone since it's more affordable and looks nice in the layout.
Flora - TBC. Am heavily in favour of Monte Carlo + Eleocharis Parvula. I'm going for an Iwagumi style tank btw.
Fauna - Not sure what can fit in such a small tank. With only 5 gallons to work with (less after the substrate and stone goes in), i'm planning to get just a small school of Dwarf Rasboras [x6] and also Cherry Shrimp [x3] and Amano/Yamato Shrimp [x3].
Test Kit - API Freshwater Master Test Kit
Water Conditioner - ADA Chlor-Off [250ml]
Fish Food - ADA Fish Food AP-1 [15g]

I'm planning to get a glass cut to size in order to act as the lid for the tank. After measuring the Mini M, i've decided that the lid needs to be 34.5 x 18 cm in size. IMO, this is necessary in order to reduce the chances of fish and shrimps jumping out, as well as to keep geckos away from messing around with the tank.

I'm also considering if i should get ADA Clear Dash to treat cloudiness of the tank (just in case) as well as nitrifying bacteria to jump start the cycle (is it necessary?). Also, do i need fertilisers at this point?

What do you guys think of my setup? Is it OK? Would appreciate advice and suggestions as to how i can further improve my setup, thanks in advance! :smile2:
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