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Ok, I like my 75, but I don't like my 75. From 2 feet away you can't see any of the scratches unless your taking pictures (and I like taking pictures). But up close and in pictures they are readily visible and drive me nuts.

As such I've been looking around, and, well, got lucky.

I am picking up a nice stand/canopy for an inexpensive price, but it's white and white and my house don't mix so it's getting painted. I have been going back and forth between a deep dark blue w/ gloss or black w/ gloss.

I then proceeded to get an awesome price on a brand new 75 gallon. Lets just say I got a 75 brand new for a little more than the Petco $1/gallon sale (about $1.30/gallon....). ;)

So, I'm stripping my current 75 this weekend and starting a whole new build and could use some input. I have tanks for all the stock and plants to go while I'm doing this change over.

I am planning to reuse both my Rena XP3 currently in use on my current 75 along with 1 x Finnex Planted Plus 24/7, but I could mix that with a VivaGrow as well. Just not sure about 2 lights.

I will keep using the 5lb Co2 tank, but I need to add a bubble counter and I would like it outside of the stand, mounted to the side somewhere so it's easily visible "IF POSSIBLE". Not sure this is realistic though. I'm considering the same thing w/ the needle valve. I have 2 options there as I have the SMC one and I have a Fabco NV-55-18 as well.

For a reactor I'm looking at one of the whole house water filters since the current BashSea has only 1/2" fittings and the Renas, along with other canisters I've considered, are all 3/4".

I'm planning to mount 2 x Timed Surge Protectors from Home Depot in the stand which gives me 2 groups of 4 on different timers + 8 x untimed outlets (room to grow).

I've been debating between staying with 1 x Hydor Eth 300W or moving to 2 x 150W with one on each canister.

I'm also going to replace all the canister tubing and I am considering routing them on lily pipes instead of intake/spraybar.

The other area I could use help on is Substrate.

My thoughts at the moment are a red clay for iron (not sure where to get it), mixed with Eco-Complete (already have and a great nutrient suck/leacher), mixed with Miracle Gro Organic (red clay due to lack of iron), capped by black diamond blasting sand.

I'm open to all thoughts. Here's a picture of the "new to me" stand and canopy. :)


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