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This thing sprout up over night

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When I turned the light on, I didn't notice it until a bit later. Thought it was a piece of paper from a distance or maybe a moth. Looking at it closer, I new it was a mushroom. It stunk add looked poisonous, so I carefully removed it. Some particles (for lack of a better word) dropped off before I even touched it. Hope it didn't fall into the water portion.


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Thats just the part it puts up to spread spores. Most of the fungus will be out of sight. Thats why it grew so fast, it had the resources of a larger fungus body to support what amounts to a reproductive organ. So pull up those rocks and take pictures so we can see the whole thing.
That might be correct, although I didn't actually look. I didn't want to disrupt things at the time but looked at a later time and saw a hint of what you stated.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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