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This is what I set up

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Hi there.
Just wanting to upload some pictures and get some opinions to tell what others thing and maybe get some new Ideas about the tank.

Centre of the tank:

Right side of the tank:

Left side:

Previously without the forground plant (I know it isn't a foreground plant really) and just some fast growing stem plants on the left as I was having an algae issue and I though they could suck up anything excessive and also grow to be used in another tank I was setting up for a friend. (it worked)

Anything I am missing. I assume when the Blyxa Japonica grows in more it will look fine in the tank. I have found issues everytime I grew foreground plants like hair grass and HC so I would rather not have a small plant that is harder to maintain and often gets algea with me.

Tank specs:
50 gallon (90cm X 45 X 45)
CO2 on 1 hour before lights and off 1 hour before lights - pressurized
Ista Mix Max external CO2 reactor
Tetra EX Power 120 External Cansiter filter 1260L/hr
Lights 120 watts T8 (On 9 hours a day now)

Plants start pearling within the first 2 hours of lights on and continue until lights off(and after that)
No algea (we some green spots on the glass)

Ferts are PPS now, previous EI but I dropped down the lights from 180 watts and I wanted slower controlled growth.

Water changes still 50% weekly with treated water.
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Stages of the tank

These are previous stages of the tank over the last few years

June 2006

July 2006

November 2006

December 2006

Can't find any picturea after that until April 2007

June 2007
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Wow, beautiful scape. Most of your previous stages look beautiful as well. I wish I had the skill to setup a nice tank.
is that mini pellia you have there? your blyxa looks too massive as foreground, maybe replacing some of them at the most front with something else smaller would be good. have you tried glosso?
Crazie.Eddie - thanks for teh compliments. I amnew to it like everyone else, I just keep moving things around and around until I find it the way I like. I have always been luckly that plants seem to grow well for me, when I use 180 watts of light or 120 watts of light on the 50gallon. Fertilizers I have grown with both the cheapest Taiwna brand of liquid ferts I could find as well as the EI method of chemicals. I chose EI just for the cost of it as I was paying 20 dollars or more a bottle for liquid chemical and using 3 different bottles, just too expensive.
My suggestion is just start growing some plants you like and then rearrange them to the way you like after they have grown in. Clip and replant them, to fill up the space and if it seems like too much, remove some and change. Just see what you like.

Ikuzo - mini pellia? The moss? I don't believe so. I was under the impression it would be classified as Taiwan Moss. I might be mistaken. I will pull off a piece and take a picture and maybe you can indentify it for me.
glosso will never work for me, as the lighting would be too low. I am running only 120 watts on the 50 gallon tank (90 X 45 X 45 cm) and I would rather keep it low. Three reasons: Heat (as I am in Taiwan and the summers are hot and I don't ude a chiller on the tank, the extra light wattage raises the heat) and two is cost of electricity and three is the extra light would cause a need for extra ferts and a need for extra trimming etc. I already spend too much time on that and my other tanks.
Usually with low foreground plants light hair grass and HC I manage to get algea problems in it as well I thought with the height of the tank and alll the background plants, having too low of a foreground would look strange.
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Well this is the moss, maybe mislabled, I am not sure. Can you identify it?

Is it Taiwan moss?
I just remove it from the wood, sort through it and retie it to the wood every 8 months or so as it grows rather thick and the bottom part can rot and become loose.
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NIce Job

I love the way the moss looks in the first few shots. Almost like a cave hidden by moss.

yea, it just looks like pellia in the pictires.

I like the tank, blyxa and all.
it's hard to identify moss, but that's sure is not pellia. sorry i made you took the trouble taking picture of it from my curiosity :)
Maybe if you were to send me a "sample" I could ID it :redface: Lol J/k
Maybe if you were to send me a "sample" I could ID it :redface: Lol J/k
If you want to pay for shipping from Taiwan to USA, no problem. I usually have a lot more then I need
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