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This is not a tank....

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but it sure looks like the inspiration for one.

This is a small 'hollow' near my house - not big enough to call a valley, just a depression you could fit a Walgreen's in (with parking lot).

Over several years a pair of beavers have been working their way downstream on this little creek. They dam it up, abandon it a year or 2 later and move on. This spot was a decent size pond when they were active, and as you can see they downed several trees and submersion killed even more.

When they moved on, the dam slowly fell apart and the pond drained. This light green, small leafed plant has grown like crazy in all the previously submerged spots. Looks like a tank full of dwarf baby tears with vertical driftwood and moss walls on 3 sides or something :)

It doesn't show up as well in the picture, but when the light comes through the trees the green plant lights up super bright and the tress and woods around it are dark.

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Make sure you pack the macadam well before you fill up the tank:)
Were you gonna try to stand sticks in the substrate and put moss on the to simulate trees. I saw that done before looked cool. Simulation of terrestrial landscapes is getting popular underwater lately
You could do some black substrate up front with a tiny sign saying "REDUCED SPEED AHEAD" as well if you did this as an aquascape? :smile:

I know... bad joke... Seriously, that first picture would make a great template for an aquascape. I probably could not pull it off, but I've seen several aquascapeineers (yeah, that's MY word:)) that could do it, so it CAN be done!

This also makes me realize why certain people HAVE done this... this is a great picture.
change the sign, make it "Shrimp Crossing"

change the sign, make it "Shrimp Crossing"


hahaha, or just have some snails in the tank, and maybe people will just think you are referring to them? :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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