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You're tying your hands by ruling out a complete rescape, but I quite like the colors and chunky leaf textures you've got going on.

Simply put, as long as you have amazon swords and val in your tank you're going to have to work to keep them under control. That's just their nature. Remove or maintain, there are no other options.

Without making big changes, there are two things I would take care of. I would address the large dark spot in the front right corner. A little bit of darkness in the corner is ok, like you have on the left, but the front of your tank is precious viewing space. If it were me, I'd put some non-green crypts there because they can handle getting shaded and won't need constant maintenance or get too tall, but I'm biased towards crypts generally. Obviously you should plant to your own taste.

The other thing I would do is get rid of whatever that stem plant with the small leaves in the back right and center left because it's not contributing anything visually. It is out of proportion with everything else in your tank and I think it looks a bit messy.

You aren't going to get a manicured look without a redesign, but look into jungle style aquascapes for ideas since that's fairly close to what you have anyway.
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