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Argh... So I left the hobby a while ago and have been ignoring my tanks. My crypt tank is completely overgrown, but everything is super healthy and happy, many have a spath. I need to get rid of some of them before they shade each other out. All of these are from Bill Reichert, so IDs should not be a problem.

C. Ferruginea 'Sg. Serikin' $15
C. minima 'Gasser' $20
C. sp. Lingga 19 'Platinum Line' $45
C. fusca 'Wongso' B1320 $15
C. fusca 'West kalimantan' Sold out
C. Dewitii $15

will throw in some true weeping moss/Anubis petite if you want some.

All very easy to grow, All grown in an emersed 15 gallon.

Shipping is $10 priority in a insulated box. Please mind your weather, no guarantee. Will guarantee if shipped expressed.

everyone will receive a picture of the plant before i ship it.


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