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I'm redecorating my 55 gallon tank and have a few things that I will trade or take offers on.

First, I have four amazon swords. The biggest one is over a foot tall and really bushy, it just takes up way too much room in my tank. It has to go. Then I have two medium sized ones, about six inches or so, and a baby one about three or four inches. All have very nice healthy roots, it took a bit of effort to pull them out of my substrate!

I also have 3-5 corkscrew vals of various heights, perhaps a couple more. All are very nicely twisted. (I have a few that don't twist, but these are all good looking ones for sale or trade)

And I have sunset hygro by the handful. Lots and lots of sunset hygro, it's going wild in my tank. (local pick up or in-state Arizona shipping only on this)

I am interested in trading any or all of it for other plants (or make me an offer if you just want to buy). I would particularly like rotalas, ludwigias, or stargrass, or something red or unusual. It's for a 55 with low water current, 3 wpg light, and pressurized CO2. I also use dry fertilizers in it.
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