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I have this plant package for sale:
Nice bunch of Blyxa Japonica
4 stems (2 – 2+”. 2 – 9”) Alternanthera Reineckii “Rosaefolia”
15+ Dwarf Sag. Saggateria Subulata

Because I will be sending some nice extras. I will need to ship in a medium Priority box with a 72 hour heat pack.

$25 shipped to lower US.
I’ve got some needle leaf java fern on a small 10” piece of driftwood.
There are about 8 plants with leaves from 2” to 8” long.
I don’t k now what kind of wood it is, but it’s been in my 24 gallon with
gouramis, Buenos Aires tetras for about 6 months. So it’s aquarium safe.
I stapled two plants on the DW and now its rooted and growing more plants.
$25 shipped Priority flat rate in the lower US.
Heat pack included
I do have some snails but will dip the plants in Potassium Permanganate prior to shipping.

Plants pictured here:

Thank you,
Paypal, [email protected]
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