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thinking to order plants online..first time

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hi all,
i never ordered plant online as my lfs seems dont' hv the plants i'm looking for.
how good do you think aquarium plants to order from them.
as i don't hv experiencing ordering online.

would it be good quality and good bunch....

any advice greatly appreciated.

i'm thinking like narrow leaf java fern, dwarf sag. crypts and others for low tech.

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Check out the Swap 'n Shop here on the forum. If you're looking for something specific you can post a WTB and sellers will contact you. Otherwise, I love aquabid for ordering plants. Just make sure the seller is in the US and you shouldn't have any issues. Great way to get any plant you can possibly want.
I agree with all of the above. But is a good place to buy them also.
I get my plants from H4n and plantbrain from here at the swap and shop. This is the best place the best prices the best costumer service and the best plants.
I ordered some plants from 1 time and was pleased with my purchase. All the plants arrived alive and looking good and was well packaged. I used UPS 2nd day air. Shipping was a bit high. I ordered in early spring while the weather was decent.

I have to say the best place I ordered plants from was They were packaged extremely good, much much better than Aquarium Plants. The size and amount of plants was great and the shipping was cheaper and more reasonable. Some of the plants listed on the website state the size at shipping which was important factor for me looking for a tall plant. The only downside is a more limited selection than I highly recommend purchasing them. And no I'm not affiliated with them I just was very happy with my purchase. The whole experience of shopping, packaging, shipping and email communication was fantastic.
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I second plantedaquariumscentral, I've bought a ton of stuff from them on aquabid over the years. At this point I just email them or my other favorite aquabid seller and ask them if they have something in stock that I want.

Honestly, aside from Arizona Aquatic Gardens (stay FAR FAR away from them, they're a scam) I've never had an issue with any online plant order and I've bought hundreds of plants from different sites.

Just be careful and don't buy stuff from overseas on ebay or aquabid. It might look really cheap but your plants will take weeks to arrive and there's a very good chance they will get seized and destroyed by customs.
Remember not to give reviews on vendors or to sell outside of the forum. Since the OP's question has been answered and reviews have started, I'm closing this down.
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