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Thinking of getting PC lighting

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My current florescent tube lighting isn't working anymore and I think the problem is with the ballasts becuase everytime I plug a new light in it burns out after a few weeks (any ideas what could be wrong). I think that I will be replacing them with PC lights from AHsupply. I have a couple questions about them though. is 1 watt PC equivilent to 1 watt florescent tube? Also I have a 4' long tank and I was looking at getting 2 92w lights that are 32'' long and having one on each side with over lab in the middle. I think this might cause the light to be unballanced in the aquarium, do you think it would be a problem? I could also get 4 55W lights that are 22'' long and have more balance, but it will cost a little more. How would you guys and girls set it up?

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How many gallons is the tank? Are you running CO2?
You might want to tell us more about your current system as well - Brand, type etc...

I think magnetic ballists fixtures have starters. That is what usually burned out first for me. They cost a buck or 2 to replace.

As for watt to watt, that is another question. 1 watt to the bulb should have 1 watt output. 2 things that mess with this are (1) we don't care about total output, we care about usable light in the water (heat, restrike, and light spilled into the room don't help us any). (2) Most measurements are taken at the wall, not the bulb (eballists are more efficient).

So a 40 watt t12 (which is what the old watts per gallon idea was based on), delt with essentially no reflector (painted white board - diffused light into the whole room), a huge bulb with tons of restrike (light hitting the painted white board reflecting back into the bulb, not the tank), and ineffiecient magnetic ballists.

I am going to try to install my ahsupply unit this weekend. I have used t12 shoplights, t8 shoplights, 2x odno t8 shoplights and hqi metal halide so far.
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It is a 75 gallon tank with CO2. The ballasts I have right now were part of a shop light kit and I just took the ballasts out. I don't think it uses a magnetic starter.

AHsupply claims to have reflectors that are much better and dirrect more light in to the water, do you think that I could use lss watts per gallon? I was going to do about 3 watts per gallon, but maybe I could get by with less.

My main concern is dealing with different amounts of light in diffenr areas of the aquarium. In the past I always had 4 foot long tubes so I had roughly the same amount of light everywhere in the tank which seems like the best idea. But if I use PC lights that I might have a setup that has more light in the center and less on the sides. Is this something I should worry about?

Thanks :fish:
It's it's a classic 75 gallon, It's 4' long.

The AHS 65 watt bulbs are 2', so 2 sets.
So if you do 2 (2 X55 sets) = 220 watts, giving you almost 3 watts per gallon, with almost all the light getting into the tank (I love those reflectors).

4x55w AHS kit will work great on your 75. The 2x55w kit will put much more light in your tank than a shop light.
Not that AHSupply needs any more people vouching for the quality of their kits... but... I recently bought their 2x55w kit a couple weeks ago. The installation was very simple and I am not typically a DIY kind of guy. They were also very helpful in answering my questions via email.
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