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Thinking about the Fluval Flora-Any Suggestions?

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Anyone had any experience with the Fluval Flora? I've searched around and I have seen some pretty nice flora tanks. From what I've gathered I will have to buy an extra light if I want any decent plant coverage. I was thinking about buying this off amazon: Fluval Flora Aquatic Plant Kit, 7.9-gallon: Pet Supplies

Just something easy to put on my desk while I retire my 20 long.

What I would be going for is a DHG carpet and some crypts in the background with maybe a rock in the middle of some sort. I know I've saw people say they don't like the little mini fluval co2 system. Anybody have any info on that also? The reason I am looking on this is because it seems like a pretty good price.

If you know of any other package bundles that are a pretty good price, hit me up with those! I'm really diggin the nano tanks!

Also the extra light will be $30. So would I be better off just buying something like a small finnex on it?
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I have the fluval flora. Best aspects of this "kit" is the tank and the substrate lol. The co2 cartridge lasted a week at 1-2 bps. I tried finding an adapter to connect to a bigger paintball cylinder, no luck. The light was cool but it lacked capacity to grow high light plants like dwarf hairgrass. The filter sucked too it was huge and noisy. You're better off buying a higher quality tank and buying equipment separately

I forgot to mention it comes with an ugly styrofoam background which ive seen threads of it coming out of place and shooting right up due to its high buoyancy and knocking off lights and blasting water out of the tank. Sure enough I pulled the background with barely any force and popped right off. But it left these ugly marks which I cant take off and almost cracked the tank trying to.

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Also you only get a tiny bottle of micro ferts but you dont get your macros. I'm using pps pro by GLA.

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Well, hmm. Sounds like a lot of things to think about.
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