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Thinking about starting up a 55g need stocking ideas

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Hi everyone! So I have a 50 sitting in my garage and all I would need is a better filter as the one I have for it now is just a hang on the back kind. I was thinking of surprising my husband with a new set up as he is not really fond of my planted tank since it has small fish in it. He loves to look at the bigger fish when we go to the LFS. I want to do something with large fish and maybe with more of a rock garden, but with some easy growing plants. Any ideas?

Also, what could go with the Angels and I might move them to that tank as well.

Edit: It's a 50 not a 55. 48" long but not as tall as the 55.
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maybe a african tank

or possibly some texas green terrors

my girlfriends brother in law has a oscar with a shoal of neon tetras, its very nice to watch, the neon tetras put up more of a fight for the oscar than normal slow feeder fish and increase his activity and make for more interesting predatory action
Really dont want to do an African tank. And it looks like I could only have one texas green terror, but they sure are beautiful! What are some things I could but with my angels, I would like to move them to the new tank.
Yah know, if I cant find something larger that I can put with my angels, an african tank's not too bad since I dont have to worry about plants. How many can I put in a 50 gallon?
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