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Thickness/type of Glass ?

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Hi all!

I am going to be building some nano's sometime in the next couple months and need to get the thickness of glass figured out for them. Does anyone have a chart or other means for someone to tell how thick the glass needs to be and also what type is best to use for something akin to ADA's High clarity type tanks? What exactly is a "High Clarity" glass?

The two tanks I will be building are (doubtful that outward pressure will be an issue)
#1) 1-1.5 gallon 7"L x 7"W base
and the other tank will be
#2) 2-2.5 gallon 10"L x 8"W base

PS I did a search for this on Google and found serveral milliion sites, looked through the first 25 or so and decided to ask here instead to save some time reading incongruous BS from authors that either know to much, or need to know more...:tongue:

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I've never built a tank myself, but having read plenty of threads, you could build both of those safely with 1/8" glass. And "Starphire glass" is the stuff you want for high clarity. :proud:
Thanks Solstice!:smile:

Apparently not to many people are keen on this topic here. Usually there is several to many replies to a thread. I know that people here have built tanks before since I see them all the time especially in the Nano area.

I will just have to keep looking around, (1/8" might just work though) and I am glad you mentioned Starfire glass. (I hope a local glass cutter has the stuff)

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