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They say not to mix some of these fish but..

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I have a heavily planted 40 gallon breeder. I have 15 green tiger barbs, 2 bosmani rainbowfish, 1 dwarf flame gourami, 5 mollies, and a german blue ram.

They all get along together remarkably well.
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I also have RCS in the tank that manage to berry :)
Tiger barbs have a reputation for being fin-nippers, but from what I've read, if their school is large enough, they'll chase each other and leave other species alone. That's probably why it's working for you.
As your personal experience grows and you become bolder but more able to recognize trouble before it reaches dangerous levels, you may find many things in the hobby which don't fit what you see.
Just as in anything else, when you first start it may be important to hear some of these rules but after a time they really don't apply to you if your tank is running the way you want.
You may find that many rules were not meant to extend past your front door.
Yea Rich, I like the way you put it. Fish have different personalities, some are more brave, some more timid.

What other 'rules' have you all broken?
Dwarf gouramis with a betta.. my gouramis harrassed a female betta fish, but not a boy.
It would take a book to list the rules I break. How about large open water African cichlids like Protomelas (insignus) with mbuna and live plants? People have commented that I can't keep them together as it will stress the larger fish too much and I can't keep the plants because the mbuna dig too much and I don't have CO2 on that tank.

But then he bought the insignus fry and the plants are still alive!
...What other 'rules' have you all broken?
Look at my "Toxic Ten" link


Many of the rules a factoids that get taken out of context and get blown out of proportion. Then they get repeated so much they are taken as gospel.

I think it's important to challenge ideas that just don't make sense.

BTW - I run with Scissors, ever chance I get. :wink:
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