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Theory on bacterial blooms in new tanks

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I once read something that was promoting the use of non-pasteurized milk and it said that when non-pasteurized milk goes bad its a zoo of bacterial species reproducing while when pasteurized milk goes bad its a monoculture of baccillus bacteria because the baccillus spore survives pasteurization. The article claimed that this somehow meant old non pasteurized milk wasn't as bad to drink as we think it is. Well, this argument failed to convince me to drink non- pasteurized milk but it did stay in my head.

I recently set up a new 20g tank from the petco sale and as often happens the water turned white from a bacterial bloom. I started thinking and wondered if maybe the bloom was a baccillus monoculture since these bacteria produce spores which are on every single thing we touch, only a minority of bacteria produce spores. So over two days I put around 5 gallons of water from my established 10g tank into the the new 20g to try and create a diverse bacterial culture in the new tank.

The cloudiness of the water has gone down since I did this but not dramatically enough to prove anything. I figure by tomorrow the water should be looking normal. I can't tell if adding water from the established tank helped but it didn't hurt and might be worth a try.
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I'd say it's worth a try. As long as the tank isn't diseased, it would seed the new tank very nicely.

This is often a recommended way to start a SW tank, seed it with a handful of gravel from an established tank.

You may still get a bacteria bloom, but it's off to a good start.
There are a lot of things that survive the water treatment process and end up coming out of our taps: bacterial cysts, algal spores, diatoms, limpets, and even the ich parasite. The tapwater could be the source or just one of the few hundred little bugs floating around in the air.
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