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The Tiger Tank (56k)

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a little hint :

setting up tomorrow at sunday.
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you don't have to wait for a long time!!!

still a little cloudy

corner shot

with the stand
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Your off to a great start with this tank.

Can we get some specs like light,substrate... ?
That driftwood looks great in there! I like how you got this thing going so far!

keep up the great work:bounce:
i'm too excited to share this tank that i forgot to mention the spec heh..
- anyway, it's a 100x40x40cm custom made aquarium
- the stand is similar to ADA's :)
- 2 x 23 watts of compact fluorescent hanged (i love open aquariums).
- substrate is 1-2 mm black sand with base ferts.
- plants : anubias barteri, nana, bolbitis heudelotii, sagittaria subulata.

thanks for the reminder. i'm currently waiting for more plants to come and restricting my lights at 4 hours a day. water change will be twice a week for the next 1 month.

thanks. too bad i forgot to take a picture of it before tying anubias there :)
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i use the ceiling downlight fixture and hang them. after that i use black thick paper to cover the uglyness.

anyway this tank's theme is messed up. at first i want to make an african habitat with plants like anubias and bolbitis, but then i can't find an african grassy plants for the foreground so i decided to use dwarf sag which is from the america continent.

for fish i'm planning to use tiger barb which is from south east asia. for background i'm gonna use vallisneria nana (if i can find some) which is from australia.

lol, it's the whole world habitat. a messed up really... :)
What a camuflage on the CF lights. I was fooled when there was no plant in it, thinking they were MH lights.

Once I saw anubias in it, suspicion kicks in ;)

For once I ever consider the same, but my tanks are too big for pendant CF.
CF? They look huge, like 150MH. Looks good.
I was going to say the same thing. They really look like MH. I just can't belive that they are PC bulbs. Those are just great.

I can see i am going to love this tank. Subscribe*
Looks great!

Those lights didn't fool me:icon_sad: if only you could fool the lights into thinking they where MH...

How about some Dwarf hair grass for the foreground, would look better IMO

medicineman & will5
lol i'm gonna give you guys my lighting photos, probably tonight. thanks for the comments, it's just simple actually, i love the lighting too!! :)

Fish Newb
i'm not sure if hairgrass will survive at this low lighting. i'm gonna use a lot more sagittaria subulata there and probably some echinodorus tenellus. can tenellus grow in this condition?

oh and i should mention that this tank is a non CO2 setting :)
as promised...

i use a downlight celiling housing with a really good reflector inside.

after that i measure the diameter of this housing to calculate the measurement then i use a black thick paper to make a cilinder and then double tape it around.

here is the finished view
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no one gave comment about my lighting? :(

oh well... then i give you the fish addition update. i know it's a little too early to add any fish, but i just can't wait no more.

puntius tetrazona aka tiger barb.

beautiful fish IMO as they almost always travel together.

i'm currently searching to find some albino and green tiger barbs. any other suggestion for the fauna that's compatible with these fish?

thanks for looking :)
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Just a comment about the lighting....I'm probably beating a dead horse here, but to do the math you've got 46 watts over ~42 gallons. Not only that, but you can tell by the light on the wall behind the tank that those reflectors are not directly light INTO the tank, they are directing the light AROUND the tank. I will be very interested to see what kind of plants this tank will support with that lighting setup. I might suggest simply lowering the lights a bit to reduce the amount of lumens lost to the areas outside the tank!

That said, your driftwood setup is gorgeous! And that sure is a lot of anubias!! Keep up the good work. :)
Cherry barbs and danios go well with Tiger barbs. I tried the green tiger barbs, and albinos but they just weren't as healthy and always ended up dead.
Very sneaky on the lighting there. Wondering if you put eye-balls to help focus more light into the tank, or possibly just lower them a touch.

I miss my school of tiger barbs, they are great shoalers, and have good character, but I had to pass on them to keep amano shrimp.
the lighting is little bit too high isn't it? i think i'm gonna see the plant's growth for the first month and will decide if i'm gonna lower the lighting or not. plants are restricted to anubias, sagittaria subulata, then probably echinodorus tenellus and vallisneria nana (for the last two i have doubts that they can grow well in this low light setup but i hope it will).

i have cherry barbs in my other tank but will tiger barbs leave cherries alone? same thing about danios, i'm not pretty sure mixing tiger barbs with other peaceful species.

same here, i love cherry shrimps but i already have a lot of them in my other tank. do tiger barbs harrass amano shrimps even the big ones? if this is true then i won't have a single cleaning crew in this tank. what about ottocinclus / SAE / rainbow shark?
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I'm pretty sure they would disregard the presence of some otocinclus.
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