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The things our children throw in the tank :O

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Well, what have your kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids tossed in your tank?

Mine threw in a few grapes last week.
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my roommate once tried to feed my fish tapioca pearls. Terrible idea.
That threat is one reason I got rid of my indoor pond setup before the kid got mobile. Sure, there was also that drowning issue.

Nothing thrown in my tank yet, but I've put grapes in the tank. My fish love them.
McDonald's Happy Meal Toys... the ones that sink, of course :eek5:
When my dad had a fish tank in my room I once went "fishing" in it with a net...

Thats about the worst thing I can remember, cant recall putting stuff in it. Besides a Crayfish...

McDonald's Happy Meal Toys... the ones that sink, of course :eek5:
lol...I agree with that one...along with WWF figures...GI Joes...any bug they could catch without screaming in pain first...then as they got older my eldest plopped in a baby shovelhead he caught at a local pond...needless to say by the time I got home from work, they were excited to inform me their new fish (freshly dubbed Gulpy) liked to eat the little fishys...:confused:
One of my daughters decided to feed my discus and took the top off of her bottle and poured in the miilk
I am a kid, wel 14, but ive never put anything other than bugs into fish tanks (before i had them) I know what i will do to them. But, one f my friends ,whos about 27, 2 year old daughter put gummy worms into th tank where he had 2 red snakeheads, 3 tinfoil barbs, a redtail cat, and 4 rare gars,(a cuban, a shortbody alligator, and 2 tropicals) and killed all but one of the tinfoils, and 3 of the gars. He was pissed. But he just told her not to do it again
My son put about two dozen algae wafers in the 20L pleco tank last night. Time for a water change.
I remember when I was little i squirted dish soap into my moms tank :)
And a kid I babysat for thought it would be nice to throw daddys shoes into his tank as well. lol.
My "kid", Joseph, who is a big long-haired cat, somehow fell into one of my indoor container ponds. I spent the morning mopping up water from the carpet and picking cat hair out of the pond and duckweed out of his fur! That was one angry kitty, he didn't go near that container again for weeks!
My son threw some starburst in the tank the sour ones and it melted a little before i notice. shrimps were on it, but no deaths
I was gone one weekend, and my granddaughter put a sandwich in my salt tank. What a mess when I got home. Lost all my fish.
one a kid came to my house and decided to feed my fish. then he droped the entire 1b baggie into the tank.
I had a container pond before and my cousin would try to scoop all the fishes and swirl everything, and after that, threw pebbles into it after the fishes -_-

That was 3 yrs ago, he was like 4-5. Now hes 7 or so, and he still does stupid stuff with my pets (he sprayed one of my lovebirds with a water hose on jet and KILLED IT). He never learns -_-
I've been very lucky. Heavy Canopy, + tot-locks on the doors = some piece of mind.
Of course, I've had to teach him to use the mag float up high away from the gravel, and not to pull on the water change hose. :icon_redf
The brother of one of my x's had a 20 long with a baby snapping turtle he found in the marshes, and they dumped everything into that tank. Grapes, 1/2 eaten PB&J sandwhichs, even snickers bars.:eek5:
Poor turtle.
My son threw some starburst in the tank the sour ones and it melted a little before i notice. shrimps were on it, but no deaths

my little baby girl cousin put whole lot of raw shrimps to my flowhorns. less than 20 sec,it went BAM cloudy! then i went BAM :icon_evil
my son years ago poured a quart of milk in my 150 gallon reef tank.
A friend who kept prized angels once had his son pour a glass of chocolate milk into his tank becuase he thought they were too skinny. OUCH!
These stories just made me lol! Keep em' coming!
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