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I have 2 male German Blue Rams in my 20L. 1 has clearly been the dominant male. His colors were more striking and his fins were much longer. He would chase the other around, but never seemed to be a problem, he would get bored with it fairly quickly.

I've been too busy to sit down with the tank with my morning coffee for the last week or so, until this morning. Then out of nowhere I see the other male chasing the previously dominant male around, and with much more zest. He will chase him from one end of the tank to the next, like he's finally grown up and paying him back for the months of bullying!

Is this normal for dominance to transition from one fish to another? Has the new dominant fish just become full grown? I can't really see any size differences. What should I watch for, as far as too much aggressiveness?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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