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Okay so I'll start with the readers digest version of the story, I had a hexagonal tank that was doing great, had my RCS berried and ready to lay when disaster struck; a bottom seal on my tank had busted and it was leaking. I panicked threw fish and plants alike into another tank I had (was contemplating on a shrimp only tank for less stress so I had been cycling it with guppies) but to my dismay shrimp were just food the algae eaters were okay tho. Nevertheless, scraped off the silicon, resealed and it was good as new. It's taken awhile to get everything together again but updates are here and I've turned once again to The Forums for advice. (I've learned a lot more along the way too)

The Tank is now up and running in tip top shape, new seals, new filter, new substrate and switched the gravel to sand. Fish currently in the tank a sparse 6 Zebra Dainos (I know they need a bigger pop but thats all I could get at the shop), 1 Albino red fin shark, and 1 little Otocinclus Catfish, other than that just a bunch of snails. Now that I have the tank ready I wana get some RCS again, I just love the little things but do the fish gotta go? The Otocinclus I think is fine but what about the others? Id like to have more fish in there the tanks about 55 gallons, so Forms what would you recommend I'm always open to suggestions and If you have anything you'd like to share about your own tanks, anything would be helpful. I've learned a lot but there's always more to know.:fish::help::fish:


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