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So I guess I got bit hard by the “aquascaping bug” so while I’m waiting the gear for my 50 gallon to arrive, I got antsy and decided to get a small 10 gallon and scape it in the interim. This time around I loaded up on ADA power sand + ADA substrate additives and I’m using RO water with seachem equilibrium to keep my TDS down from the start. I picked up a twinstar 450E to see what all the fuss is about. For filter media I’m now using seachem matrix and purigen and taking some filter media from my well established 5 gallon to kick start the cycle. Didn’t want to wait for my stand and background plants so I started scaping the tank and am treating it like a dry start until Thursday when the rest of my gear arrives. Your feedback is greatly appreciated :)

ADA power

Added some ADA Bottom Plus, Clear Super, Bacter 100, and Tourmaline to the Power Sand...

It looks like ice cream toppings haha:

I then added a thin layer of ADA Amazonia Aquasoil ver. 2, and sprinkled ADA root tabs before adding the rest of the mound of soil:

then came the hardscape. Not really a fan of hardscaping a 10 gallon because it lacks real estate LOL! This is the best I could do but still wasn’t ecstatic so I ordered a bundle of root accents which I will add to the spider wood when they arrive on Thursday:

Added a foreground layer of ADA Colorado sand:

And planted all the tissue culture plants I received today. Hemianthus Callitrichoides ‘Cuba’ in the sliver of foreground and some staurogyne repens, Alternanthera Reineckii ‘mini’, and some hydrocortisone tripartita in the midground. I didn’t want to fill it with water yet until the rest of my plants and gear arrive so I sprayed the plants generously with water and sealed the top of the tank with saran wrap as if I was doing the dry start method. Will add more plants on thursday :

would love to hear your feedback and suggestions on what to add next. Thanks for tuning in! I’ll see you all Thursday for part 2!


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