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Ok here goes again. I have been hoarding for years and years now and its now time to let things go. I am only keeping a few show tanks and a lot of my projects just never took off. I am about to get a real job so I will not have much time to keep up with my 30 tanks anymore. My lost is your gain. PLEASE do not ask for a cheaper price as everything will be prices at least 30-50% off. EVERYTHING IS BRAND NEW UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. Most of the equipment is located in Sugar Land but I am willing to meet up to 20 miles for large purchases. Many can vouch for last week's sales. I always try to throw in extras and also to those who are just starting out in the hobby. PLEASE do not insult me lowball offers. IF you are buying $500 worth of stuff then yes you can ask for a discount. I need this stuff gone as I may be leaving soon. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. I Will not hold anything unless you are a buddy of mine like armthehomeless or if you have purchased from me before.

Trades are welcome. I am only interested in rare shrimp, rare plants, nana petite, rare tangs, ADA gear, and saltwater livestock or something unusual that you don't see too often. PLease do not offer me some parrots, glowfish, or damsels. I also am looking for some rare bromeliads and poison dart frogs and related dendro gear.

I can be reached at via text or phone call at 832-630-3890. IF I don't answer, please leave me a detailed message telling me your name, your screen name, and what you are interested in and I will get back to you as soon as I can. TEXT IS BEST!!!!!!!!!! I do not check PMS as often as my texts. Also, please remember all these items will be posted on multiple forums so just because you respond here first, does not necessarily mean someone didnt reach me first from another forum. Do not be afraid to ask question as I am quite knowledgeable in cichlids, plants, saltwater, and some reptiles.

Lastly, I WILL SHIP!!!!! I will not overcharge you on shipping. You will pay the actual shipping. Most small items can be shipped via USPS priority flat rate boxes ranging from $5.20for small items 8-5/8" x 5-3/8" x 1-5/8". Then there are 10.95 medium flat rate boxes 13-5/8" x 11-7/8" x 3-3/8" and 11" x 8-1/2" x 5-1/2"and Large flat rate boxes at $14.95 sizes 12" x 12" x 5-1/2" and 23-11/16" x 11-3/4" x 3" . Simply find the product online like petsmart, petco, marinedepot, bigalsonline, etc. and most will show the actual shipping weight. Add 1 lb (box and padding and bubble rap) and you have your shipping cost. I will most likely have to buy a box so add about $2-3 for that as well. For shipping fish, please contact me as that will require a bit more planning and the options vary greatly especially with our current 105+ degree weather. Here goes and good luck to all!!!!!

1X BRAND NEW RENA XP1 Retails for $139.99 but on sale for $116.99 at Petco. My price $60!!!

2X BRAND NEW RENA XP2 Retails for $189.99 but on sale for $149.99 at Petco. My price SOLD

1x BRAND NEW Marineland 200 rated for up to 50 gallons. Retails for $39.99 but on sale for $26.99 at Petco. My price $20!

1x BRAND NEW Zoo Med 511 Turtle Tank External Canister Filter rated for 10-30 gallons. Retails for $89.99 at Petco. My price $50!!!

1x BRAND NEW Hagen Fluval U3 Underwater Filter. Rated for 24-40gallons. Retails for $79.99 at petsmart. My price is only $40!!!!

2x BRAND NEW Aqua Clear powerfilters 30 Retails for $42.49 at both petco and petsmart. My price is $25 Each or $45 for both. ONE SOLD

2x BRAND NEW Aqua Clear powerfilters 20 Retails for $34.99 at both petco and petsmart. My price is $25 each or $45 for both. ONE SOLD

1x BRAND NEW mag drive 18. This is the beast of all beasts pushing a whopping 1800 gph!!! REtails for $165.99 at marinedepot.come. My price is $120!!!!

2x Eheim 1262 hobby pump. 900 gph. Retails for $180.49 at petsmart. My price SOLD

1x Eheim 1250 hobby pump. 317 gph. Retails for $109.99. SOLD


1xMag drive model 7. 700 gph. Retails for $107.99. My price SOLD

4xAqueon Circulation pump 1250 lifetime warranty. Rated for 75-125g tanks. Retails $60 but on sale at petsmart for $42.99. My price $25 each!!!!! 2 SOLD

2xkoralia evolution 1050 My price SOLD!!!!

1x koralia evolution 1400 My price SOLD!!!!!

5x Eheim auto feeders. Retails $54.99 My price $35 EACH!!!! Now only $29.99 EACH!!!

PLANTED ACCESSORIES/CO2 systems/Eheim Quick Vac Pro

2x brand new Eheim quick vac pro. Retails $65.99 My price $40 each!!

3x Nutrafin co2 natural plant system co2 kit. Also includes 3 additional packs or activator and stabilizer packets with each system purchase. Retails $33.29 at petco plus $8.99 for additional packets for total of about $42. My price is $28 EACH for the entire system plus the additional packets!

1x fluval co2 20 kit. Great for nano aquariums. CO2 injection made simple for stunning planted aquarium setups accessible to all hobbyists. Fluval Pressurized CO2 Kit is the budget-friendly and easy-setup solution for lush and vibrant aquarium plant growth. Elegantly simple design streamlines component selection for a carbon dioxide injection system that installs in minutes. Complete system utilizes a disposable cartridge and regulator valve for convenient pressurized CO2 injection. Ensure optimal levels of carbon dioxide essential for vigorous growth in your freshwater planted aquarium with the Fluval Pressurized CO2 Kit. Available in two kit sizes to accommodate planted aquariums up to 40 gallons. Retails $28. My price $20!!

1x BRAND NEW ADA NA Lamp MH-150W bulb. The NA Lamp MH-150W is a metal halide lamp, HQI with a ‘cool’ color temperature (8000K°). Furthermore its lighting spectrum has a high green color value, which is typical of all ADA lamps.Depending on the type of layout or particular aquascape of your aquarium (i.e. plant species used), and also your particular maintenance regimen, it is advisible to limit the total photoperiod (lights-on period) of HQI halogen bulbs. Due to their brightness, intensity, and exceptional penetration, a period between 6-8 hours maximum is suggested. Many HQI light fixtures also incorporate power compact fluorescents, and a common practice is to run the power compact fluorescents for a full 10 hours (the average suggested total photoperiod) and have HQI halogens run for only the 6-8 hour recommnded period. Retails $95. My price $75!!!

1x package of seachem ferts.
-excel 500ml
-excel 250ml
-iron 500ml
-potassium 250ml
-excel 250ml
-comprehensive supplement for the planted aquarium 250ml


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Saw the thread on hfb. Good luck with the sale and with life mate. I'll see if I have any cash laying around to help move some stuff for you...
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