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Ok, I used to work in the gas and oil industry and I happened by a very clean freshwater pond out in the middle of no where. Beautiful and pristine COLD water ran into this pond from underground. Pitcher Plants and Duck weed were everywhere...
Now here goes...

The pond was thriving with newts and I was trying to catch a few when I noticed what looked like clear bright green jelly-like irregularly shaped dimpled balls just under the water surface. They were very firm about the size of an irregularly shaped chicken egg and full of water. The plant tissue itself had the consistancy of red saltwater kelp or maybe an Aponogeton and was about 3/16 of an inch thick and the brightest CLEAR green you ever saw. They were very firm and healthy looking. I wasn't able to photograph them, but I did take some home with me and threw them in my tank... They quickly were eaten by the inhabitants of the tank as at the time I didn't have the proper setup to deal with them.... does anyone have any idea what they might be? Or maybe can someone point me to someone that might? I've never seen anything even close to these strange "Gummy Bear Eggs" ever again and I suspect that the cold pristine water had something to do with their growth in that area. It was one of the most fascinating plants I've ever seen.... but only once....:help:
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