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The most abundant fish on earth!

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Ever wondered what type of fish there is the most of?
The answer is the bristlemouth. I just saw them on QI.

Apparently, it is estimated that there are up to a dozen per square meter of ocean surface.
'Ichthyologists put the likely figure for bristlemouths at hundreds of trillions — and perhaps quadrillions, or thousands of trillions.'

I found some pics on wikipedia.

They look scary, but are about the size of your finger.

...have green or red light-producing photophores aligned along the undersides of their heads or bodies. Their chief common name, bristlemouth, comes from their odd, equally sized, and bristle-like teeth. They are typically black in color which provides camouflage from predators in deep, dark waters.
It starts life as a male and, in some cases, switches to become a female. Scientists call it protandrous — that is, a male-first hermaphrodite — a phenomenon also seen in certain worms, limpets and butterflies.
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