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The many faces of a 10 gal.

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Removed alot of mumbling of mine because nobody wants to read all that much.
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Welcome to TPT!

Pics would probably help most, but if you got your DHG from a big box store, most likely it was grown emersed and now is going through a major meltdown as it transitions to submerged growth.

I've found dosing Excel to be a major help in keeping algae in check while plants go through this process.

Most people switch to canister filters when they start running CO2 on their tanks to avoid outgassing CO2, but HOB filters can work too as long as they don't have biowheels and you're good about keeping the water levels high enough to avoid surface agitation. AquaClears are a popular choice.

Did it work?


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1: First bought dhg while having ALL the wrong equipment
2: New finnex P+ and fugeray and eco complete
3: Fixtures and awful Nat GEO hob
heeeeeres Nigel!

My dinner plate sized soft shell turtle that finally dug himself out of the sand. My personal loch ness monster!


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Could you get some better close-ups of your plants?
Dhg looked rough. Time to reboot


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I don't think it looks too bad. Definitely coverting.

It will carpet more quickly if you break up the clumps and spread them around. Painstaking work, tweezers are incredibly helpful.

Like outdoor lawn grass, DHG will also spread more quickly if you "mow" it regularly.
Needed more stems.... or so I thought.
New photo today. Still trying to find some missing pieces; new rocks, better co2 diffusion and back ground plants to hide Mr. Cow...


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new rocks and nerites...

Found some neat rocks, will be getting more soon. Trying to hide co2 and cir pump with what i have.


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dhg looking rough

DHG was a no go....
That photo of your turtle.. looks like its doing some sorta sexy dance and giving a "heeeey baaaby" kinda look" quite amusing, shame its so anti.. anything lol I have a 11+" leopard sailfin pleco that's about as bad (but doesn't eat fish thankfully... yet) but he won't let any plants live in hsi tank he eats them all.. so solution: make a 'garden' aka aquaponic system above the tank that canister water goes through! "HAHA CANT REACH THOSE PLANTS!" *ahem*
Im building him a pond as he has out grown this 55 rather quickly. He ate a 7" pleco after 2 years of companionship. It just vanished.... However, when I let him mingle with some younger slider turtles he freaks and hides in the sand only popping his head up to see if they're gone. He is a very wierd creature indeed.
no good

Things are not looking good...
Things are not looking good...
What's wrong?
Going to pull out most of the dhg... Raok from a new friend on here. But they didnt stay in long...
thinning out the grass

Pulled out 90% of dhg and tried new stems. Blah
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