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The Magic Vanishing Fish Tale

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I have several tanks - and some really run themselves
- so when a fish goes missing - I chalk it up to natural


There are some mysteries and I am wondering if anyone
else has had the incredible vanishing fish tale...

1) A pair of convicts in a 30g tank by themselves - then as
convicts do - babies. And then one morning - Mom is gone.
Not in the tank, not in the filter, not in the hood, not on the floor.

2) Two twig cats...happy as twigs in a..well happy. Then
there was one...again we checked everywhere.

3) Bushy nose pleco in a 10 gallon with some pencils - getting
ready for the "show" tank. Bushy is gone!

Gone I say.

I have found fish in filters, in filter tubes, in the corner, under the
rocks, in shells, stuck in deco, in the siphon hose, in the bathtub,
in the cats mouth....but I check my tanks everyday - and I notice
when they are gone.

I submit the above for your review - next stop - the twilight tank...

But these suckers are gone.
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That has happen to me once. I could not find my fish anywhere so I took everything out of the tank and nope not there. Replaced everything and the next day there he was dead floting at the top of the tank. The thing that gets me is I took everything out and he was nowhere to be found. Plus I went though the plants and did a all new scape on my tank also so I ended up going through the plants one by one. Your guess is as good as mine where they go?
in the cats mouth....
Hmmmmmm, and elsewhere in kitty. :help:
well, I'm sure everyone's had the fish or shrimp stuck in the filter story,
but mine is unique to the moss rope projects I'm always tinkering with.
I keep a few Dwarf African Frogs in the tanks with my moss ropes, and
have had one escape on me to a carpet death about every year. Last
Month I was doing my final plant & moss harvest before it gets too cold
to ship anything, when I noticed my last DAF was missing. I assumed
his mummified corpse would turn up sooner or later, so I didn't give it
a second thought. so I first sold all my extra plants, and a week later
my moss. Then I'm lifting the moss rope out of my tank to put it into
a container to harvest then H2O2 treat, and as I'm pulling out cutting
the moss off the rope, up jumps my DAF :eek: So it turns out he had not
escaped, rather found himself a comfy little home deep inside my moss.
needless to say, I'm glad I got him back before I could cut him or soak
him in H202, and accidentally ship him as a hitchhiker to my moss buyer.
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I could not find my fish anywhere so I took everything out of the tank and nope not there. Replaced everything and the next day there he was dead floting at the top of the tank.
when a tank has a major disturbance, some fish will partially burrow into the gravel, and while rearranging our tanks we may inadvertently bury them further. when they finally struggle free; their resistance, slime coat, and scales are so compromised that they die soon after. to make sure this does not happen to you in the future, gentle rake the top layer of gravel with your finger tips to coax any partially buried fish out of the substrate.
Hmmmmmm, and elsewhere in kitty. :help:
The liter box? :red_mouth
Many years ago had a crab escape a reef tank.

My dad saw it and thought it was a roach.

He sprayed it with Raid.

The crab's exoskeleton started to fall apart and it died the next day.

Pretty freakin hardy.
How about a fish that somehow managed to move from one tank to the next all by itself?
Last night I drained my tank and moved all of my fish to a 30g quarantine tank to treat them separately from my plants so that I can OD on CO2 in the plant tank to try and get rid of a huge algae problem and also to stop dosing meds in my plant tank.

I counted all of my fish as I caught them and did not see my YoYo loach anywhere. I was careful when taking out all of the plants so I didn't accidentally throw someone in the bucket. I didn't start catching fish until the water level was below 6" and was very curious as to where my YoYo was...

After taking the fish out, I drained the tank fully and expected to find him dead and buried in the substrate - I did not. Then I figured he must have somehow gotten in the bucket.... after re-planting the tank, still no YoYo.

I went to bed quite confused...I checked the floor just to be sure too.

This morning when I woke up, there he was, swimming in the QT with everyone else. HOW DID HE DO THAT??!!!

The only thing I can fathom is that he swam through the siphon into the tank and hid while I wasn't looking. I set up the QT with 1/2 fresh water and 1/2 water from my other tank.

If he didn't swim through the siphon, he must have somehow walked through glass... Because I sure as hell didn't catch that little bugger with my net. I KNOW it.

Criss Angel YoYo Fish.

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he swam through the siphon into the tank and hid while I wasn't looking.
that's very likely. one of my Botia did a similar trick.
during tank maintenance I turn off my filter, and one
Botia swam in my Co2 reactor outlet, and got trapped
inside the reactor core. when I turned the filter back
on I noticed the reactor balls were not spinning, and
then I saw a little guy in there gumming up the works.
now I make sure to plug up that outlet before turning
off my filter.
Oh Spypet, your poor little fishy!!

Yeah I figure short of miracles or magic that was the only possible way he got in that tank. Thing is, it's not like the siphon hose is all that big, maybe 1/2" at most. It must have been a heck of a squeeze to get through there... crazy fish!
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