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The lost shrimp city tank log

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After deciding to consolidate many of my tanks I ended up trading the 84g Osaka forest and buying a 24g Nuvo aquarium (which will be combining some 5/10g shrimp tanks)

I have been doing renos and knew it would be a month or two before I could flood it so I scavenged various other tanks for a few chunks of driftwood for the new design. Once i had something I like pillaged nose of the glosso from my 5g cube to get the dry start rolling

This was a painful process.glossso growed slow as molasses compared to HC. Real slow but yet I let it do its thing for almost 2 months

The tank was sitting on a flimsy cube stand. Yet it was the perfect size for the tanks footprint.. So I got to work and reinforced it.

A little mud and paint and I had and vola!

And awesome super tough stand just waiting for the new tank

With my new stable stand ready it was time to fill her up

I added a giant bag of bio media from another tank. Let it stabilizes over night checked my parameters and added the first batch of Shrimp

I put in 8-10 CRS/CBS originally. Then added another 10 ish today. I'll prob add a batch every second day until I clean out the other tanks

I'm very happy with how it turned out!

Shot of night mode
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Feed those shrimp well as the tank is not actually mature enough for it to have any natural food for them in it yet. 90 days is one suggested minimum that I read.
But that should look really nice after the Glossos gets full. Nice piece of driftwood also.

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I really like this tank...the glosso is filling in nicely and Anubias is probably my favorite plant, I love when they flower, and there always seems to be two or three flowers in my tanks. I'm sure its fun to watch the shrimp crawling all around the tank.

Are those almond leaves in the back left? They're a bit distracting from the scape in my opinion...I think they look best (read most natural) laying on the substrate, but that's not really an option in this tank, with the limited space and all the groundcover. Is there room to put them in the back of the tank, in the "overflow/filter" area where they won't be seen? Or do they actually need to be in the display area for added benefit to the shrimp? (I'm not a shrimp keeper)

Also, maybe I missed it, but what is the light fixture you're running on this tank?

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Thank you!

The Shrinp do graze on the Indian almond leaves so it's good to be in the display area. I could always break them up and put them behind the driftwood to hide it! Not bad idea.

The light fixture is an ecoexotic e-series. I love the light on this tank.

Glosso is finally filling in more on the right side
It will awesome once it's a Complete carpet

I added some CPDs and exclamation rasboras from another tank I'm taking down to attempt a nano marine tank


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Crystals are such good looking shrimp. I've just never kept them and I'm nervous to try. I use distilled water in my 20 gallon with super tigers and blue dreams, I know I have the ability to keep the correct parameters for crystals, just need to read up more on their care. I have a 10 gallon that has been up almost a year with 3 cardinals in it. I've been wanting to give them to a good home. Might have to try my hand at these little guys soon. In your experience how long will an active substrate buffer the water? Do you use something other than substrate to keep pH optimal for the crystals?
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