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I would like to add the following improvements to the DIY drop-checker:-
1) Air tube behind the indicator chamber.
2) Wall between the indicator chamber and air tube to be made with white opaque acrylic.
3) Two more chambers, one on either side.
4) First chamber containing transparent colour chart in the front and a white LED light with reflectors directing the light sideways through the indicator and forward through the ph colour chart.
5) Second chamber containing a green colour filter on the indicator side and photo resistor inside to be affected by the light through the indicator.
6) The outer walls - back, sides, top, bottom - to be made of opaque acrylic.
7) The common ground and the other two wires sealed and going to a beeper system arranged for alarm/or a digital system(in which case you would need magenta, cyan, yellow filters before their respective photoresistors)
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