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Good link.

I enjoy reading old threads on "The Krib" too. It's about as far back as you can go on the Internet. The amount of knowledge and detail shared by some of the participants there was simply amazing, as they tried anything and everything in a relatively new and unexplored hobby.

It also makes you think. As an example, consider PMDD, which attempted to prevent algae by keeping phosphates as limited as possible. Now while it certainly didn't work anywhere near as well as EI, it still worked to some degree. But if algae is better at competing for limited nutrients than plants, and only healthy plants prevent algae, then it shouldn't have worked at all.

No one can explain that.

Few even seriously consider such contradictions and anomalies. Why bother? We've reached an impressive level of success, and with that comes complacency. Unexpected results are blamed on hobbyist error without exception, when a few exceptions do exist, and are so overlooked instead of explored.

To my knowledge, I'm the first to suggest Excel spot treatments, experiment with and detail H2O2/Excel combo treatments, build a DIY dimmable T5HO fixture, and explore the possibility that AlgaeFix can kill livestock through inducing immediate respiratory distress rather than chronic toxicity.

I credit all this in great part to knowing my history, using it as an indicator that we still don't know everything, rejecting nothing and questioning everything.

I think it's a good perspective to have. And if enough people share in that, I'm sure in another 10-15 years we'll look back at what we do today as history.
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