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The Ender's Game books by Orson Scott Card (MUST READ!!)

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I had never heard of these books or the author before quite recently, and I am blown away by these books!

This is an amazing series by an amazing author, but apparently they are marketed as "juvenile fiction," which would explain why I hadn't encountered them before. My girlfriend, who is a few years younger than me, turned me on to them. She said Ender's Game had been required reading one year during high school for her, and that was how she found out about them. (What a cool teacher that must have been...)

At any rate, I'm just now about to finish the sixth book, Shadow of the Hegemon, and I just wanted to shout from the nearest treetop that this is one of the best freaking series of books I've ever read. Orson Scott Card is a brilliant man with quite a multidimensional worldview, and the storyline is just really complex and philosophical... I can't imagine why they are marketed necessarily to kids, other than the stories are about kids...

I'm just blown away by them!!

So, I created this thread to turn other people on. I don't want this thread to give anything away, so I won't give any details, but the series takes place in the near(ish) future, and begins with the story of kids who live in a battle school orbiting Earth, where they are training to command armies in a war against an alien race that previously committed atrocities on Earth.

And it goes on from there.

If anyone wishes to post in this thread who has read the book before, feel free to echo my sentiment (or disagree with me, for that matter!), just PLEASE don't give away any details, to keep it fresh for anyone who wants to read them.

At least, if you feel the need to mention specific parts, try to provide spoiler alerts in the appropriate spots.

Okay, so, if you haven't read these books, and you like science fiction, and you also like existential/spiritual/philosophical subject matter, READ THESE BOOKS!!

That is all.

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Lol, Ender's Game is a classic sci fi series, I'm surprised you hadn't heard of it till now. :S

It's on my to-read list, right now I'm in the middle of some of Phillip K. Dick's short stories.
Well surprising as it is, he slipped under my radar for whatever reason until now. I've been reading sci-fi my whole life, too...

He also wrote a series of books that I'll be reading right after these. They are stories told from the perspective of the women counterparts of biblical men.

Stop making fun of me for never hearing about these books before now! :p

what other series of his are you talking about church?
The series is called Women of Genesis. The first book is Sarah, the second is Rebekah, and the third is Rachel and Leah. I don't think there are any more, at least, yet.
thats what i thought, though two other series of his are biblical as well

Being a nerd is cool, as long as there's no pocket protector.
Being a nerd is cool, as long as there's no pocket protector.
But, but! What happens if the pen I carry in my pocket explodes?!
use the money that being a nerd has earned you and buy a new one
i've read enders game, shadow of a hedgemon, shadow puppets, shadow of the giant. all i can say is it's awesome
I've read some of them and some of his other books that weren't part of the series, they were good. I think they were over rated at the time they were released so I didn't feel the need to read them, much like certain books are today as well.

On another note, on the fantasy side City of Bone, City of Ashes, and City of Mirrors (trilogy) was another good YA series.

On another note, on the fantasy side City of Bone, City of Ashes, and City of Mirrors (trilogy) was another good YA series.

I just checked out the first book in the series, but I'm procrastinating on reading it because it looks too long:hihi:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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