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It has been roughly 2 years since I purchased my first CRS/CBS, and they are doing well. From time to time will add a few higher grade to strengthen the heard. Mine are currently fed HBH Crab & Lobster Bites and Zucchini blanched.
To really boost shell development and color what should I really be feeding??
Better question what do you'all feed??? (Yes I'm from the south LOL)
What are the best overall additives, foods etc to really maximize my colony
FYI they are housed with a carpet of Aqua Soil Amazonia and weekly RO water changes & heavily planted. The tank is as healthy as you can get.

I just want to give these shrimp all I can to develop !!!
TY Karen
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I feed: Shirakura, ADA Red Bee, Kens Veggie Sticks w/Calcium, and occasionally baby spinach. Protein helps them grow, plant products help coloration. Spirulina is good. aquarLiam actually has shrimp food that looks promising, though I haven't tried it myself.
food containing green and red algaes is important for the red coloration. And calcium is important for the white coloration.

my 2 lines of food cover all of these bases.
pm me if you're interested.
I feed mine Shirakura, kens veggie w/calcium, algae wafers, tetra flakes and bits.
I also have an indian almond leaf in each tank. I have not tried any fresh veggies yet
but I would like to.
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