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The Chloramine Test.....

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I've been debating installing a charcoal filter on the tap water supply that I now use for WCs on my various setups. Catalytic carbon lasts much longer if only exposed to chlorine, but the addition of chloramine to the water supply is always a possibility. I also needed to know if I already had chloramine in my tap water.

I've seen chlorine/chloramine test kits available, but haven't been able to find them lately when ordering other stuff.

I've no doubt that I am not the first person to think of this, but I have never seen it mentioned before (maybe I just missed it):

I keep feeder fish--so I can stand to lose some, if necessary.

I set out ~1/2gal of tap water, open top, for 3 days. Then with no treatment what-so-ever: I added 5 minnows and an airstone from my holding tank. I checked on them for 1 1/2hrs--they were fine. No chloramine currently in my tap water.

The chlorine should dissipate in ~24hrs. I gave it ~3 days. The chloramine would not dissipate--so if they were in the water--they would still be there and kill the fish.

Answered my question. Maybe this will help someone else out....
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CAll your water utility and ask them what they use for a disinfectant.

Or if you'll tell me wahat town you live in/name of your utility I can look it up for you.

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