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Morning Guys and Girls,

I still need to write up my journal of how i got to this point from a tank out of the box.

For now, I Need some help and advice please.
I Was about to buy the Fluval Plant 3.0 to allow me to set sunrise and moon on my tank AND to provide some more light to the lower depths of my tank - my tank is 600 deep and in actual fact, i am not even sure the Fluval will give me much more PAR at the carpet. Currently using 2 Eheim PowerLED+ (plant and daylight) that came with my Eheim incpiria tank a few months back. I was advised on here that i might not have enough light for my plants at the lower depths, my "grass" doesn't seem to do much and the red leaves appear damaged.

Lights running 8 hours a day. - Might change this to 6 depending on the feedback i get.
CO2 an hour before on and off, JBL Kit using a FE @ 2ISH BPS, JBL inline Diffuser located after my inline Heater.
26 Celsius.
ONE Eheim Pro 4+ 600 with BioHome Ultimate.
Dosing EI Method - manually. Mon/Wed/Fri Macro - Tue/Thurs/Sat Micro
I have a TMC Vectron UV that has never been taken out of the box - should i bother wiring and plumbing my UV?

Question is this, i have £200 i HAVE to spend on Amazon today. - i can put more to this if needed
Should i buy the Fluval light to help?
Should i buy the Eheim LED Controller to allow the same features (Minus the additional LED/PAR)?
Should i buy another Eheim LED?
Should i buy a second filter? Either another Pro 4 OR an Oase - Sick of the priming of the Eheim.
Should i get a Doser?
Should i not get anything fishy?

I keep thinking about hard tubing my setup and spending some time making the tank OCD! lol. cant get that off Amazon though.

Ill add some pics here for your pleasure,


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can't you get an amazon gift card to extend your timeframe? nothing good comes of a rushed purchase. :) tank looks pretty decent to me. Good enough that I don't know what obvious route to take if were you. You say the grass doesn't do much, but compared to August, it's definitely filled out more.

You're right though, if you want more light, you're going to have to run all three. There's no point in adding one and replacing the other two. I think I read about someone complaining about the fluval 3.0 resetting on power outages so if you get a lot of power outages, you may want to consider that issue.

As for the filter/doser, do they annoy you enough for a replacement? Oases are the hot toy of the moment :D
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