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The Best Riparium Plants. Mangroves too!

Get the best riparium plant selections for your new setup, expansion or replanting. I can suggest good combinations for various kinds of layouts.

Order soon while conditions are still favorable for shipping. With colder weather in just a couple of weeks shipping will be more complicated.

For a limited time I also have black mangrove (Avicennia germinans) propagules ready for planting. This fascinating plant will grow into a small tree in the riparium planter--use light pruning to control size--and can prosper in a freshwater, brackish or marine tank. These propagules (below) were lawfully collected in Florida.

Hanging Planter

  • Ruellia Bluebell - taller, true species plant, bright blue flowers, prune to size - $3.50
  • Ruellia 'Chi Chi' Bluebell - tgrows to about 14", lavender flowers - $3.50
  • Ruellia 'Katie' Dwarf Bluebell - dwarf plant only grows to 8", perfect for nano ripariums - $3.50
  • Asclepias Mexican Milkweed - blooms easily with red + orange milkweed blossoms, easy to train to size with pruning - $3.50
  • Cyperus Umbrella Sedge - a "dwarf" variety, but can grow rather tall (to 30") in time, use this plant to form a grassy background - $3.50
  • Zephyranthes citrina Yellow Rain Lily - this bulb plant has spindly, onion-like foliage, but it blooms with beautiful yellow lily flowers - $3.50
  • Avicennia germinans Black Mangrove - slow-growing tree for freshwater, brackish or marine riparium planting - $3 for FOUR propagules
Trellis Raft

  • Pilea cardierei Aluminum Plant - my favorite for trellis raft plant - $3
  • Alternanthera - real attractive burgundy red and easy to grow - $3
Just let me know any questions you might have.

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