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The best pressurised CO2 kit

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Which is the best one out there that is good quality as well as reasonably priced. I live in London, England, so I may not be able to get any of the US brands.
Figured I might as well get one now rather than in a few months when I decided that the fermentation kits are doing as good a job as I want.
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Personally, I pieced my own together.

Bought the tank off eBay, bought separately off eBay the 2 gauge regulator with solenoid valve, friend gave me a bubble counter and I'll get the tubing and some fittings from my local hardware store. I'm building some DIY diffusers, so that's pretty much all there is to it.

$40 - 15 lbs tank
$95 - M3 2 gauge regulator w/ solenoid & needle valve (110V)
$00 - bubble counter (range from $0.99 to $12)
$10 - tubing and fittings
$15 - DIY diffuser

I don't know how available tanks and regulators are in England, but you might try eBay. I know I saw a few 220V regulators for about what I paid for mine (actually, now that I think about it they were going for $65).
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Thankyou for that. I think I will try and do some more reading to find out exactly what I need.
You're very welcome.

Also, I just thought of this. The US and the UK CO2 tanks have different sized valves on them, so be sure you get the UK version as I dough you'd be able to fill a US tank over there.
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