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The Best Angel Pics I've ever taken:

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AND it happens to be of my favorite angel in the tank - even if I did catch him trying to eat my mystery snails today (the snails have been relocated, and replaced with perfectly-ok-by-me-to-munch pond snails) anyway! Here's a photo of him/her:

And, for comparison, the rest of my angels look like this (this photo isn't quite as great, I know, but... well... whatever)

And here they are all swimming together kinda... looking for snails to munch on, probably...

Well, those are my rather devilish angels, who like to munch the freckles on my arm when I need to do anything in the tank. Thank you for looking!

(oh, they're all about palm-sized at the moment, if you include fins)
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Wow, great looking angels! I used to have about half a dozen of them years back. :)
Nice looking angels. If you prop some slap a rock on the side tilted about 45 deg., you might get you some babies.:icon_smil
Yep. Got a piece of slate in there that they like to go clean now and again, but they're just babies right now, still. Well, teens maybe. But, man oh man, if they had babies, I have no idea where the heck I'd put them. the "breeding pairs" I see occassionally at the store are MUCH bigger. At least twice as tall and maybe three times as heavy! But these are my favorite kind of angels - dark with dark stripes. :)
In a well planted tank there is a good chance they will breed and rear their brood in the natural way. During courtship they will flash their fins and kiss at one another, this is a good way to no if their ready and if you have a pair. Angelfish also clean their stones before they lay their eggs. If the eggs get eaten or the fry doesn't rear naturally. You can take the stone out and put in another aquarium with a fine stream of air bubbles passing close to the eggs. It also helps to use a fungicide, 1 drop per liter of 5% methylene blue. The eggs hatch in three days and are free swimming on the eight.:cool:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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