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The Aquascaping Room (29g, 20L, 10g, 7.5 cube,3g,1.5g, betta bowl)

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newest update! the fish room thread on page 3.


_DSC9511 by marioman72, on Flickr

betta bowl

_DSC9536 by marioman72, on Flickr

7.5G cube nano reef

_DSC9521 by marioman72, on Flickr


_DSC9202 by marioman72, on Flickr

well i figured with the rescape of my 29g it was time for a new updated thread also! so heres my new scape i call forest of angels. ive always wanted to do a more natural looking tank and based this off of angel fishes natural habitat and companions! ive noticed a huge change in color with these guys since this change from the "jagged peaks" scape witch was all rock to this new one with only wood. took for ever to plant having to move around all the logs but in the end im ahppy with this start and cant wait till everything grows in nice and thick! i wana get a small model house to put in the open sand spot so its its like a small new world! we will see what i find anyways pictures!

_DSC8775 by marioman72, on Flickr
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Tank is looking really good! What kind of catfish do ya have in there? I like the forest look.

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Tank is looking really good! What kind of catfish do ya have in there? I like the forest look.
the super skinny one on the glass is a farlowella and the second on the ground is a whip tail cat

That's a great looking tank. Did you source the branches yourself locally? Any special treatment before using them? How's the tannin release been?
i acutaly got the branches strait out of my back yard! i soaked them for about 4 days in super hot wwater until the water came out clear then put them in the tank as far as tanins what u see in the pics is the amount after about a week or so of these branches being in the tank so its not bad at all and the angels love it!

Very nice! Love the look. What is that vial whatever with the green stuff in it?
not sure what u mean haha

Gorgeous! I wanted to do something like this at one time but never got around to it. I find it really interesting also that the colors have improved on the angels.
yea its quite cool the angels reaction. because were they come from theres a huge amount of tannins in the water so this is more like their natural habitat

Really really nice. Beautiful scape. Nice fish selection too.

I am sitting here trying to poke a hole in any aspect of this and all I can come up with is I wish it were in a larger tank.

i wish i could keep a larger tank! i just dont have the room! thank you tho

That was my thought as well. It has a nice feel to it, but how ling can the Angels stay in there?
my goal in the end is to have a pair of angels ive been raising this bunch of 6 from very small and hopefully ill get a pair out of them! so they've got a couple more months before they get too big for the tank

I don't know which scape I like better, but they are both amazing looking! Where did you get the wood? If I were you I would add some fish like green neons for contrast. Keep up the good work.
thanks! yea ive though about adding something bright like neons or cardinals to this tank would def brighten up the scape quite a bit thanks for the suggestion

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today or tommarrow i hope to intorduce some Co2 into this tank to get some growth going! idk that im going to keep this tank on c02 the whole time, but for now to get things rolling!

def going to invest in a 5 or 10lb co2 tank in the future to run to all my tanks!
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