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Just wanted to shout the name of my favorite fish-place from the top of a mountain, but I don't have a mountain so here's where I'll get it out.

Aquarium Shoppe out of Springfield has become a go-to place for hobbyists in the freshwater/saltwater world, they've been adding large amounts of planted-tanks and species for freshwater hobbyists.

The owner, Harold, is pumped to be getting plants grown in-vitro, meaning no outside parasites, essentially grown from tissue in a lab.

You've gotta check out this place when you're in Springfield next, there's a large selection of fresh and saltwater fish, and more corals and plants than you can possibly admire in one visit.

Thank you, Aquarium Shoppe!

Did you know Springfield has an aquarium club that meets monthly?
They are the Saltwater Enthusiasts of Springfield, a large club that welcomes and invites freshwater enthusiasts as well.

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On battlefield, you'll turn north onto campbell road, towards Bass Pro Shops. The shoppe is on the right side in a blue-roofed shopping center off campbell before sunshine/bass pro.

Address is:
2246 S Campbell Ave, Springfield, MO 65807
Aquarium Shoppe | Aquarium Shop in Springfield MO
Will have to check it out next time I'm down that way.
Have a fondness for the mom and pop stores that are fast going the way of the dinosaur's (just like me).
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