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Well here is the start to the new journey. It’s been 6 or more years since I had a running tank. It seems like a lot of things have changed and a lot of things have stayed the same.

I just picked up this 55 gallon for almost nothing. Fake plants are going same with substrate.

I had to set it up on a temporary basis to make sure it didn’t leak and to make sure my equipment was in working order. My wife made me leave the fake things inside. :icon_frow

Now its time to do some research on substrate and what types of plants I want. And new lighting the 4x15 has to go. I just a have a tight budget any suggestions would be great.

:help:Substrate: I was thinking about going with SMS or Turface and PFS. Seems to be cheap and works for some.
Lighting: I have several 2x32 and a 4x32 T-8 ballasts lying around. Should I mess around and make my own fixture or spend a little on a T5HO I was think 2x54? I am looking for a low tech tank the moment with the option of going high tech in the future.
Thanks Joe


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