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I agree that the 29g is not nearly as easy to work with as the larger tanks, when it comes to creating multiple tiers of plants. However, it is possible to create a beautiful scape using the 29g if you're willing to limit your collectoritis.

Right now, I'm starting my 29g back up. I'm planning on using a healthy amount of anudias, java fern, moss, swords, crypts, and micro-sword (carpet). I'm hopeful that I'll be able to create some depth and make an overall pleasing look.

The real issue with the 29g is the fact that lighting can be difficult to acquire. I'm currently using T5HO. It's a good quality fixture, but I'm thinking about going to LED once the current bulbs reach 2 years of age.

I'm moving from a first ank, a 10G, to a 29 that a friend of mine found in his new basement still in the original cardboard - :icon_mrgr

Lights, substrate, accoutrements will be here bfore the end of the week - I'm starting a journal the minute the goodies arrive.

Let's compare notes!:)
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