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The 10gallon??

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Okay so my latest and greatest project was breeding kribs in a ten gallon... As you guessed it, it isnt workin and they need an upgrade to my 29. So while im savib up i decided i want a relaxing ten gallon, thats what the hobby is all about right?

So i was wantin your guys thoughts on what is a ten gallon best for? Whats a good setup that would work in a ten, one you could keeo enjoying, rather your workin on it or watchin it. Whats your thoughts guys?
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Low tech moss and shrimp tank. :proud:
Get a shrimp tank and get a nice hardscape, where the plants don't really matter much.the reason why i say this is because aquascaping is sometimes too much stress (for me at least), unless you set it up really nice and only have to do occasional trimming. I think a moss tank would be cool but personally i dont like dealing with mosses. with my ebi I feel confident that I could throw in any stem plant or really anything and have my tank still look good.

Shrimp are so interesting to watch. Everyone in my house loves to watch them, especially the baby shrimps.

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If you're going for a relaxing (which in my mind means easy to maintain) tank, I would opt for something with a strong hardscape with some slow growing carpeting plants or mosses.
If it's a low light tank the mosses will thrive, but not grow too quickly. Also, If you attach them to small flat rocks or mesh screen that you can easily take out when they need to be trimmed they're much easier to deal with. If you put them in a bowl of old tank water, you can trim them and not have to worry about the trimmings floating all over your tank. And don't worry, the mosses cover and obscure whatever they're attached to, so it will just look like you have a beautiful moss carpet. :)

(I've had mosses growing in my low light tank for more than 3 months and I haven't felt the need to trim them yet, so it's not something you have to do very often)
Thank you guys. the trimming every now and again doesnt bother me. It is actually relaxing and makes me stay interested in the tank. and i was thinkin about shrimp and maybe som like rummy noses or white clouds. what plants do you recommend?
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