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After doing some RAOKs, and perfecting my shipping and discovering people's interest, I've decided to start selling mine. Let me tell you a bit about them.

-What you will receive will vary in size. Most will be small (babies), but some could be large enough to start reproducing.
-They reproduce fast. I'm talking two can make 100+ in a month in the right conditions.
-They are best suited in neutral water with some hardness. In soft, acidic water, their shells will flake off and turn white, many babies will not grow properly, and they will not produce as many eggs. These snails are not for your Tibee/BKK tanks. I have no experience with keeping them in hard or alkaline water.
-The snails I have are BLUE ramshorns. They are born with clear shells, and will develop dark blue spots and a solid, lighter blue shell. Full grown, they are about nickel-sized, and completely opaque blue (see below).
-PLEASE DO NOT buy these as fish food. They are very beautiful and robust specimens. You probably could feed some of the offspring, since they reproduce like crazy.
-They are HARDY. Not as sensitive to excel as nerites, and I ship them in only water with no problem.

Cost for 12 (minimum buy) is $15. From there on forth, each snail is $0.75 with no additional shipping charges. I might cap the maximum you can buy at once at 30, so others can get some too. I will get as many as I can out while leaving enough to keep the population going. First come, first serve.


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