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This will be my first thread documented from the ground up and it will likely be rather slow going me thinks. It will be heavily geared towards DIY.

I took down my mish-mash tank (It was starting to get kind-of messy) and my saltwater tank (it was going to cost too much money to get it just the way I wanted it) and the plan is to link them both to a single sump.

So this is what I am starting with:

The tank on the left will be my main display tank and the one on the right will end up being a grow out tank for various plants.

The main tank has an eschopps nano overflow which will drain into the left part of the sump. This tank will be lit with an odyssea 4 bulb fixture with 3w LED accent lights.

I plan on making a styrofoam background for this tank.
Here are my materials for the background and hardscape. I am thinking of carving out a root system as opposed to a rock background but I am still playing around with ideas.

And here is my grow out tank:
It is a derimmed 20Long with a DIY LED fixture (aquastyle 3w DIY kit)
I plan on building my own HOB overflow for this tank out of plexiglass, and it will be based on the eschopps design. Right now it is a bowl of plants but I will loosely scape it and use it to grow out plants.

This tank will drain into the right side of the sump, and the return will be from the middle chamber.

I siliconed plexiglass to make the baffles in the was an ugly job but it has been working great. I used it in my SW tank with good results. is my beardie:

So my next tasks will be to:

1)scape the grow out tank
2)build a HOB overflow for the tank
3)connect the plumbing to the sump
4)Start the background for the 25 gallon tall

lots to do... thanks for looking!
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