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Thank god(Celestials saved?)

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WOW, i really hope these aren't the only new places they found them in.

Yep, they found celestial danios in some other spots,wheew.
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interesting article.
if the ponds are isolated enough
I'll bet they will yield several variations
of the same type of fish that will eventually
make it to the aquarium trade.
hopefully lessons learned from the first fish
will help keep any new ones more protected.
There has already been articles about the wide range of this fish. They are in many separate spring fed ponds and pools and there has been a number of color variance already documented.
It has also been documented that the adults spawn almost every day and the juveniles go to the bottom for a few days. So if the one pool was completely emptied of adults it would be a short time before the population was back up to normal.
I chose to not purchase these fish back at the beginning of 2007 because of what was being said. Now knowing what I do I wish I had. I can't find them anywhere. has them in stock,
if you are willing to pay $35 shipping.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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