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Thai Micro Crab Breeding

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Take a look at this article about breeding Thai Micro Crabs from Rachel - really interesting!

Now, to fight the urge to set up another tank...
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I have heard that sucessfull breeding is hard if not impossible on far.
Bu I also remember that a few days ago I mentioned in a thread that I had intent
to purchase some, and someone mentioned..."as long as you know you'll never
see them again." Cause I said they were for my 10g/w plants/ferns/mosses etc.
Sometime later tonight I'll read the article, but I'm wondering how many of the
people who have tried to breed them have done so in a glass jar under sterile comditions just so they could be sure that babies actually came of it ?
So you see my planted tank is closer to a normal habitat to them and is in fact
a reason for my see if breeding does happen in there.
But let me read her article cause I likely just made a dummy of myself by not
knowing something I could have, had I read it first.

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I wonder if the premature release was due to inexperience, or from being in a bare tank and/or being startled. I would use a ramp timer with them just to minimize the chance of startling one. Some baby food might help as well, either shrimp baby food or powdered spirulina, rotifers, or deshelled brine shrimp eggs. My young shrimp love it when I add some.

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