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Tetras and Gouramis

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So, I'm about to embark on my first tropical fish tank and after long hours of research and reading have decided I would like to start with a collection of Tetra and Gourami.
However, in a lot of the articles I've read, it mentions that certain Gourami can be aggressive, but doesn't specify much else. I'm concerned that if they are aggressive they may attack the smaller tetra and one another.

I'm looking to begin with Glowlight Tetra, and Black Neon Tetra, moving on to other species as time goes on. And as far as Gourmai go, I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing between Banded Gourami, Dwarf Gourami and Pearl Gourami.
I've curious to know if any other forum members happen to know much about the Gourami disposition, and if any of the breeds I am looking at would be overly aggressive to the smaller tetras and to each other.

Thank you for any replies.
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Black neons are neat fish, but like most schooling fish, they're kinda jumpy and they like to run and hide when something approaches the tank. If I walk by, they shoot off to a corner and hide behind rotala. If I have a seat for 30 seconds or so, they come back out to pip around.

Dwarf Gourami fish are cool looking, but I am partial to pearls. They're energetic and fun to watch. They'll eat anything they can find - great if you have nematodes free swimming. Mine also bites snails in the face for fun, randomly. Pearls are also very cheap - usually less than half the cost of a DG and they are larger and better able to cope with faster moving water.

By the way, the aforementioned DG health issues - Many DG imported currently suffer from Dwarf Gourami Iridovirus, which lies dormant for a year or two and then atrophies and kills the fish. The fish will usually become lethargic, rest on the bottom and then change color as the flesh dies - sometimes a long and painful death. DGI is known to jump species in some cases - part of the reason I don't mess with DG.

Edit: In fact, I remember a posting from a couple of weeks back where a UK member had a DG that started to color change and died shortly thereafter. DGI is present when the fish are bred in the far East - unless you can find a reputable local breeder, I'd steer clear.
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