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I’ve had 7 glowlight tetras for around 2 years in the same planted community tank. 4 of them are around a year old and the other 3 were rescued from poor conditions and are about 3 years old. Just day before yesterday I noticed one of the older ones seemed to be having some issues with maintaining his balance and swimming somewhat lethargically. He’s not floating to the top or sinking, he just seems to drift onto his side, but he can right himself. I wasn’t overly concerned about it because I figued He’s able to keep up with the other 6 tetras and is still eating. Today I saw both his eyes have a white spot. None of the other fish have them, just him, and the others are acting normally. Almost positive that it’s not ich, just don’t know exactly what it is and if it could be contagious. Any ideas?

tank size: 20 gallon
Ph: 7.0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: around 3ppm
Ammonia: 0

Note: the tattered fins are from having severe fin rot when he was rescued, they just grew back a little ragged.

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